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 Marty  Blons |Albuquerque - Santa Fe


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Via Fax:  505-629-1318

PhonePhone: 877-372-1110
PhoneCell: 815-263-5953
FaxFax: 505-629-1318


5 Tesuque Vista

Santa Fe,  NM  87505

Areas Serviced (by Zip Code):

Zip codes starting with: 870, 871 and 875

Metropolitan Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM

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About Marty  Blons

Marty Blons is very experienced businessman and a skilled craftsman. He and his wife reside in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico and love travelling and spending time with family who resides in the Chicago and Atlanta areas. Marty is a very well read student of History,Politics, and economics. He has managed several companies over the span of his career thus far and is eager to advance the Weathersby Guild in the Southwest.

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