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 John  Quini |Jupiter-West Palm-Fort Lauderdale-Miami-Florida Keys


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Via Fax:  888-845-2992

PhonePhone: 561-702-1075
PhoneCell: 561-702-1075
FaxFax: 888-845-2992


5630 NE 7th Avenue
Boca Raton,  FL  33437

Areas Serviced (by Zip Code):

Zip codes starting with: 330, 331, 332, 333 and 334

Florida Atlantic Coast area from Jupiter through the Florida Keys

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About John  Quini

John and lovely wife and son reside in Boca Raton, FL which is one of the most beautiful communities on the South Florida coast. Each of the Quini family members are avid water sports enthusiasts and enjoy both deep sea and in shore fishing. John and his son are also experienced scuba divers. John and his wife were raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to South Florida in 1999. John has experience in finance and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Before moving to Florida, he was a Financial Analyst for the NYC Office of the Comptroller. After relocating to Boca Raton, John ventured into the private sector starting his own construction firm becoming an experienced home builder and remodeler. His background in finance and construction are the perfect preparation for maintaining a Weathersby Guild presence in South Florida.

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