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 Dusan  Kudelka |San Jose and Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo Counties


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Via Fax:  928-244-6908

PhonePhone: 310-279-6908
FaxFax: 928-244-6908


3165 Heritage Valley Drive
San Jose,  CA  95148

Areas Serviced (by Zip Code):

Zip codes starting with: 939, 940, 943, 944, 950 and 951

San Jose and the San Francisco Peninsula south of San Francisco. Santa Cruz to Monterey on the Monterey Bay.

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About Dusan  Kudelka

Dusan Kudelka is an avid sportsman; he is a downhill ski instructor and a former professional hockey player. He has extensive customer service experience and is a skilled craftsman in the furniture restoration arts. Dusan and his wife Anna have traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Philippines, and Australia. They enjoy biking, hiking, and exploring.

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