Weathersby Guild Services

The Weathersby Guild combines the best of Old World craftsmanship and leading technologies to serve you with world-class furniture repair and claims handling. We specialize in moving and transfer damage claims and provide you with the skills, quality and experience to meet your needs

Rapid Claims Handling

We are dedicated to serving claims adjusters with timely response, detailed assessments and reliable background information so you can close claims quickly and accurately.

  • Experts in the tenets of inherent vice
  • Proficient in assessing pre-existing damage
  • Meticulous attention to quality

Furniture Repair & Restoration

There is no substitute for skilled craftsmanship that is gained by experience. The Weathersby Guild members benefit from the industry’s leading professional development program so that you benefit from the breadth and depth of their skills.

  • Backed by a century of experience in furniture repair
  • Expert in performing onsite repairs that reduce your costs
  • Network of proven third-party vendors

Easy, Online Reporting

We understand the claims process and deliver the reports and background information that enable you to quickly and successfully handle high-value claims or challenging accounts.

  • Timely Web-based reporting
  • Digital photography
  • World-class resources at your fingertips

Advisory Services

As recognized leaders in furniture repair and restoration, we serve our adjusters with advice and referrals to other technical specialists as needed. We are your trusted resource for knowledge.

  • Proven best practices
  • Technical advice even for non-Weathersby Guild claims
  • Referrals to third parties outside our service territory